Foil Mount Set

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Stainless Steel Wing Foil Mount Set

The WINGFOILDAILY stainless steel Foil Mount Set is the ultimate high quality mounting set on the market. 
This set includes everything to mount the most common foils to your board. The perfect stainless steel hydrofoil t nuts. 

  • 4x stainless steel nuts M6 or M8
  • 4x stainless steel screws 30 mm or 35 mm
    • countersunk screws, M6 or M8, 30mm or 35 mm (torx tx30 or allen 5 mm))
  • handy storage case

Foil Mount Set with Stainless Steel Nuts

Other than most foil mount nuts and screws we use only the best stainless steel material. Using stainless steel instead of for example brass makes this Foil Mount Set a high quality product.

  • more durable
  • more solid as common brass nuts
  • no rusting
  • high quality performance and look
  • each piece is home made in Austria (with love)

Foil mount set up made easy with or without foil adapter plate. 

Storage Case

Mounting your foil at the beach and you can’t find your screws? Not with our handy storage case for your nuts and screws. The package - your Foil Mount Set - will be always ready to go and all you need is inside the case. Easy to handle, storage and transport.

  • 3d printed case
  • bio-degradable Green Tec material used
  • light, super handy and premium quality look


Our standard screws are stainless countersunk screws, M6 or M8, 30mm or 35 mm (torx tx30 or allen 5 mm). If you need any other length screws please e-mail us! The standard screws work for the most foils on the market.

Wing Foil Mount Set Instructions (PDF)

Shipping: Europe only