Wing Foil Calendar 2021

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This is the WINGFOILDAILY Wing Foil Calendar 2021. The perfect A3 landscape format calendar for your wall in 2021. Amazing pictures from great photographers and riders from all over the world. Riders like Balz Müller, Klaas Voget, Olivia Jenkins and many others are featured in the calendar.

The Wing Foil Calendar 2021 is a high quality A3 landscape format print (printed in Austria). It comes with 14 pages – Cover page – 12 month calendar – overview page.

These beautiful images will make your home, workplace or any place where you put the Calendar look nice.

Wing Foil Calendar 2021 Riders

Camille Bouyer, Robert Adrichem, Annie Reickert, Balz Müller, Malte Krummradt, Klaas Voget, Marine Delahaye, Bobo Gallagher, Henning Nockel, Titouan Galea and Olivia Jenkins